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The caregiving journey can be a difficult, challenging and rewarding time for individuals. The journey is often more difficult when the helping resources available in the community are not well known or publicized.

The Northwest Ohio Web Guide for Families and Persons Caring for Older Adults wants to help change that situation. The Center for Successful Aging at the University of Toledo and the Caregiver Support Program through the Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc. are partners in this endeavor. We are committed to providing quality information and assistance to individuals and families who are caring for loved ones.

Our goal is to identify, highlight and support the caregiving resources already available and help connect people with them. We also seek to foster education about caregiving issues as well as develop and nurture new and additional resources for our community as need would indicate. Throughout this website you will find resources that may be of benefit to your caregiving situation.

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Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc.
Caregiver Support Information and Assistance
2155 Arlington Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43609
(419) 382-0624

Center for Successful Aging
University of Toledo

3015 Arlington Avenue, Room 4412
Toledo, Ohio 43614
(419) 383-4289